LIGHT IS MATTER edition 2018/1

How we realize your lighting project


Finer than sand, lighter than a feather, with greater mystery than a species of wood, with more flavour than a golden pie, it can be hard or tender depending on its colour, it can be very small or make a show of its strength, be brilliant or utterly gentle: light is matter and it is always with us throughout our lives. 

However, it is all too often relegated to the shadows in our architectural projects although it provides us with an essential physiological regulator for our well-being.

Our job is to make you want to give it the place it deserves. And how? Easy! Let us master it for you! 

“Clarity is the correct distribution of light and shadow” said Wolfgang von Goethe. So, if you agree, let us guide you through our work methodology where our expertise will prove the importance of this subtle balance to you.

Have fun with our presentation !

Davide Oppizzi, CEO

Designed for architects, professionals and exclusive customers, this 83-page brochure introduces you to our unique approach to lighting for architecture.

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