Eau de Lumière Moyen Rectangle 4x suspension

Modular hanging light

Created by the designer Davide Oppizzi, the Eau de Lumière concept is derived from the world of luxury perfumesFrom a sculptural point of view, the intent was to symbolise the iconic shape of the perfume bottle to distill its essence and delicacy while playing on downstrokes and upstrokes to reflect light.


Thanks to the technical expertise of the lighting designer Davide Oppizzi, the integrated LED source provides perfect illumination, retro-lighting the interior colour and fine materials of the lamp. A choice finishes of either real oak or white Carrara marble is available to match textile colours.

A light for HER and for HIM

The design focuses on the masculine and feminine forms, using curves or angles in varied sizes

Its forms, materials and colours allow it to create a homogeneous feel within the same space, but with variety and a strong personality. Within the family of products, the collection comes in four shapes, several sizes and numerous models to present a complete collection. 

In this way, everyone is free to choose their favourite form and finish, while maintaining the essence of a harmonious collection within a single space. The collection includes standard lamps, wall lights, hanging lights and chandeliers. 

Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Architect ∙ www.laurencefaure.com
Year ∙ 2015